"ORK Saga" - Book One: Two Brothers

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Ork-Brothers Balbok and Rammar are heroes against all odds. They go on a quest to save the world… by accident. The two brothers only wanted to celebrate their surviving a horrible battle, but – as they weren’t actually victorious in this battle - their chief orders them to go on a mission that equals a death sentence. Not loving this new assignment, they make a pact with a sorcerer – an evil one as they find out later…

This is the premise of the first book of our "ORK Saga" series, consisting of four 48-page albums, which is based on Michael Peinkofer’s best selling novel, and drawn by Peter Snejbjerg, who is mostly known as the artist for DC Comics’ "Starman" and various Vertigo titles.

After the original publication of "ORK Saga" in German, we sold the rights and just printed the first album for our client publishers in Denmark (Comic Factory) and Poland (Elemental). Their respective covers are in our photo. We also sold the series to the Czech publisher Crew, who will publish the first album at a later date. The rights for other languages are still available.

To see a preview of the first "ORK Saga" album, click here