"Bois-Maury" and "Jeremiah" Integral Editions

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Although Hermann produced the first ten albums of "The Towers of Bois-Maury" a long time ago, the series is still making big waves in the publishing industry all over the world. Glénat keeps reprinting the albums and integrals in France in different formats. The biggest Italian publisher Mondadori just published the 5th Italian edition of "Bois-Maury." And the largest Spanish publisher Planeta published the first integral in May 2017, and sold out the whole print-run by November 2017, so that SAF had to reprint the book for them in December 2017.

The same is true of Hermann’s long running series "Jeremiah." SAF just printed for Planeta the fourth volume of the "Jeremiah" integral edition (pictured in this photo), but before that we had to reprint for them volumes 1-3, because they were all sold out in Spain.