Hermann's Books in China

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Ginkgo (Beijing) Book Co., one of the largest Chinese publishing companies, signed a contract with SAF to publish Hermann's books in China. ''Old Pa Anderson,'' which had four reprints in French so far – and many publications in other languages – was hand picked by Ginkgo's president Wu Xingyuan (in the photo with Hermann), to be the first of Hermann's books published in China.

The ''Old Pa Anderson'' story, written by Yves H. and drawn by Hermann, takes us back to the state of Mississippi in the 1960s. All his life, Pa Anderson, an old black man, has bent his back. Tragically, his granddaughter was murdered a few years ago. He knew the culprits were white and that justice would never reach out to them. But, yesterday, Anderson's wife died of old age. And, today, he has nothing left to lose…