Carlos Trillo passes away

It is with great sadness that we tell you that one of SAF's most prolific writers, and our very dear friend Carlos Trillo passed away on May 8, 2011. He was 68.

Carlos was enjoying a visit to London with his wife Ema, who says that he was in perfect health. Three whole days they had been walking through the streets of London, and then all of a sudden Carlos started to feel bad. He was taken to a London hospital, where they kept him for several days. The doctors were going to release him from the hospital the next morning, when he suddenly passed away. The doctors still do not know the reason for his death.

We talked to Trillo's many friends in Argentina, where the entire comic community is deeply saddened. Eduardo Maicas, his close friend and co-writer on "Clara de Noche," told us that before his trip to England Carlos had a full medical exam and received a clean bill of health. Maicas knows this because they were treated by the same doctor. So, his sudden death comes as a shock to everyone.


Throughout the years SAF enjoyed an avalanche of brilliant creations from Carlos Trillo, produced in collaboration with different artists. Here we present only a few of those titles:

After her husband’s death, a poor mother from Italy takes her four children to America, but dies on the way when her fifth son is born. Now orphans, the Centobucchi siblings grow up without parents or guidance. Amerigo is now a cruel gangster. Carmela marries a drunk. Frank is a catholic priest. Gypsy becomes a famous actress of the silent movie era. And, finally, Tony is a police officer. The stories of love and hate span from these characters’ childhood to when they are in their sixties.

He is a nameless ten-year-old boy who has not been able to die for five thousand years. Nor can he grow up. From the time of the Pharaohs, he is frozen in childhood. In a strange accident long ago he became invulnerable – every time the sunrises any wounds on his body are instantly healed. If buried alive, his flesh would recover the moment it were exposed to direct sunlight, and he would live again. Nevertheless, he has an enemy – a woman – who has been trying to kill him.

Life is good for T.S. Blake. He’s rich, lives in London, has a successful comic strip and is about to marry Tamara, the love of his life. But when, on their wedding day, Tamara commits suicide, T.S.’s life is turned upside down. Then, one night he accidentally runs over a homeless man who, just before dying, slips T.S. a letter bearing a woman’s name and address. Somehow, this letter gets T.S. interested in something for the first time since Tamara’s death. And so, he becomes the Sentimental Detective.

Alejandrina Y. Jalisco has a ton of luck… all of it bad. Unloved by her mother and beaten by her father, she somehow still achieved her dream of becoming a private detective – a short, unattractive, self-defeatist detective. In this first book in the Chicanos series, Alejandrina takes on a Mafia thug, hits on a gay guy, has a client commit suicide and witnesses a man kill his own son. Even falling in love almost costs her her life.

Clara is beautiful, intelligent, sensitive, tender and considerate. She has a darling son named Paulie, and she works hard to provide for him. Clara is a hooker. Desired by rich men. Respected by her friends on the street. Paulie is always worried, partly because he would like to meet his father (and his mom doesn’t seem to know who that is), but also because it isn’t easy for a child to be a son of a bitch.

Neferu lives with his human, Alex, in an apartment in the city. When Alex becomes romantically involved with a dog owner, Neferu’s life is thrown into turmoil. Instead of the soft, fuzzy world of cuddly animals, Neferu’s rough and tumble existence is grounded in the reality of the city: danger lurks everywhere, adventure fills the streets and cats rule the rooftops. Along with his cat friends, Neferu has to find a way to save the feline way of life.

Jobeth Benson, a beautiful young heiress, has been locked in an asylum by her brother, who wants the family fortune for himself. Brutalized and addicted to drugs as part of her “treatment,” Jobeth escapes to New York City, where she shaves her head, tattoos her body and reinvents herself as Bird, quickly catching the eye of the fashion world. Bird becomes a supermodel, but with such exposure, this Bird will not be able to fly for long!

When young Duncan is shipped off to an orphanage, the sad, lonely boy soon befriends Queen, the delightful girl who seemingly runs the joint. Queen lends Duncan her sailor’s cap, which leads to Duncan mistakenly being kidnapped. Seems the bad guys were after Queen, who, unbeknownst to her, is heir to a large fortune. As they try to escape the bad guys, Queen also seeks answers to her mysterious past in hopes of finding out who she really is.

Moon is the fiery, red-headed daughter of the lord of Burien and his banished fairy wife. When her father is taken captive, Moon enlists the aid of her friend Antolin, some strange circus performers, and Mr. Bran, whom only Moon can see. Together they enter the Kingdom of Never - a dangerous land from which no one has ever returned. There they must battle an evil witch and a giant ogre. Her father’s kingdom, and their lives, are at stake.

Ele is a circus elephant who runs away be-cause he hates the audience laughing at him. While in hiding he asks a group of children for help. They love the idea of having an elephant as a house pet. But, how do you hide an elephant? They decide to keep Ele at Timotea’s spacious house. Ele really enjoys sleeping by Timotea’s bed and successfully hides every time her dad searches the house for a lost slipper, or when her mom does a big spring clean.

A personal note

In closing, I'd like to add a personal note. Carlos Trillo was a dear and very close friend of mine for many, many years. He was a real gentleman and probably more versatile and better educated than any other comic writer on the planet.

Carlos and I had a mutual agreement to meet every year and spend a couple of days together. This is our last photo taken in Rome, near the Hotel Imperiale, which Carlos loved and where we stayed many times. He also visited me in Slovenia. I will miss Carlos immensely and will always remember our regular yearly reunions.

Ervin Rustemagić