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Dear Creators!

Despite the huge crisis in the world comic strip market, SAF is diligently working on increasing its own international comic production.

Although we work with all varieties of comic strips, our main focus is on the production of albums and their publication in French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, etc..

We invite you, therefore, to send us samples of any comics that you have produced but not yet published, or that you have published in only one language. In addition, if you have any comic strip projects that you started to work on and abandoned for whatever reason, we would very much like to review them.

For your information, we are not very interested in genres that deal with ancient history; western stories, pirate stories, or subjects treating the Middle Ages or the cavemen era.

You need to be the owner or co-owner (together with other authors) of all the rights to the material that you submit to SAF. We are not interested in reviewing any material that is owned or co-owned by other publishers, companies or agents.

You can submit your material to us in the English, French, Spanish or Italian language.

SAF will confirm the receipt of all the materials. We do not guarantee the return of submissions. We will not exploit the materials or have them exploited in any way prior to executing a signed agreement with the owners of the rights to the respective comics.

The best way to transmit your material to us would be to send photocopies by mail, or you may use a CD Rom. Do not send us originals. We are also accepting submissions via e-mail, at:

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Jožica Klinar