A new graphic novel from
SAF Comics:

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Alfonso Font:

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Sergio Bleda:

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NOMADS by Xosé Tomás
An extraordinary graphic novel from SAF Comics!
NOMADS, an 80-page book — filled with contemporary
stories, written and drawn by our Spanish artist Xosé Tomás
— is a great contribution to the SAF Comics library.
So far we've sold the publishing rights to NOMADS in the United States, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
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Xosé Tomás and Ervin Rustemagić at SAF's booth
at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

Jaybird triumphs at Lucca Comics...

...and wins the Gran Guinigi
award (the Oscar for comics),

for the best graphic novel.


SAF's graphic novel "Fax from Sarajevo" by Joe Kubert
has been just published in Finland by Egmont,
and in Denmark by Cobolt:


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Exhibition of Hermann at Lucca Comics in Italy (Oct. 31 – Nov. 3, 2013)


Mauro Bruni, who is in charge of all exhibitions at Lucca Comics, and Giovanni Russo,
the head of Lucca Comics' organization.


Mauro and Hermann

Jaime Rodríguez and Hermann

Edina and Ervin Rustemagic in the Auditorium of the San Romano church before the award giving ceremony.

Click on this link to download the catalogue of Hermann's exhibition: http://www.safcomics.com/luccahermann.pdf


A new graphic novel from SAF:

Watch the Trailer:   http://youtu.be/qx6KqxRP4no

by Hermann & Yves H.

A new comic series from SAF:
For more information go to: www.footballclubcomic.com


On May 11, 2013, SAF's graphic novel FAX FROM SARAJEVO by Joe Kubert has been published and distributed to all Italian newsstands along with the leading Italian daily newspaper “Corriere della Sera.” This book, which was first published by Dark Horse Books in the United States, won both of the comics industry's major accolades, the Eisner Award and the Harvey Award, as well as the European outstanding award Alph'Art in Angoulême and Premio Oesterheld in Rome.