goes back
to his roots!

The city of Malmedy, in the Belgian Ardennes, was liberated on September 11, 1944. For this year's anniversary of the liberation the city has prepared a large exhibition of the works of SAF's preeminent artist Hermann, who was born in Malmedy in 1938.









Hermann in front of the house where he was born. The new owners proudly display the exhibition poster on their front porch.

Malmedy is a beautiful city, full of flowers at this time of year. Many gardens and buildings are now decorated with characters from Hermann's comics.

The restaurant “Ferme Libert” – owned by one of Hermann's school friends – is located on a hill overlooking the city of Malmedy. It is probably the very last place in Belgium where you can still get traditionally made Belgian waffles with real whipped cream.

The exhibition takes up two floors of the old monastery, which is attached to the Cathedral of Malmedy. For many years this building has served as a museum, where major cultural events are held. In the photo: Hermann and Ervin Rustemagic stand in front of the monastery.

During the official inauguration of the exhibition – held on Friday, September 10 – the Mayor of Malmedy bestowed upon Hermann the “Citizen of Honor of the City of Malmedy.”

This is definitely one of the biggest (more than 150 originals) and nicest exhibitions of Hermann's work ever put together.

From the press conference.

And here are some more photo souvenirs from the city of Malmedy. Hermann's exhibition will be open until November 21, 2010, and we warmly recommend it to all of Hermann's fans. It is also an opportunity to visit this wonderful city, inhabited by very friendly and hospitable people.