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Title: A Mysterious Dark World   Title: Krieg
A young woman wakes up in an openly hostile environment, which, paradoxically, makes her feel peaceful and safe. She is lying in a pool of filthy water, surrounded by walls of blue rock. She could be at the bottom of an abyss or in a crevasse of a sinister canyon, miles away from surface, life or any living creature she cherishes. She does not know whether she is awake or sleeping, but she is certain of one thing: she is suffering from amnesia. She cannot remember her name or how old she is, or even that she is female -- and that scares her the most. Who she is and where she is are two crucial questions that will torment her during her quest through the tunnels full of monsters, which eventually turn out to be less scary as they appear. When she partially recovers her memory, she starts seeing somewhat clearer where she is going... .   WARS is an evocative triptych of stories from the otherworldly side of warfare in the 1980s.
The Dead City is set in Afghanistan in 1985. A company of Soviet soldiers find themselves confronting an ancient power more powerful than any insurgent force.
Punyayama! revisits Great Britain's short battle for the Falkland Islands, off the coast of Argentina in 1982. A young lieutenant discovers that there are greater evils than the enemy on the field of battle, and if forced to make a choice between duty and good.
The Intruder follows the US invasion of Grenada in 1983. A sergeant's treachery against a colleague comes back to haunt him face to face, and he's left to ponder the consequences of his actions for all time.


Title: Chocolate and French Fries   Title: Quark
Following Zachary Holmes , Carlos Trillo and Juan Bobillo joined their talents in another project for young readers.

The six brothers in apartment 6C have a small problem: their parents have been abducted by Martians. The kids pool their resources and plan a reconnaissance in disguise to root out the evil aliens. They discover hidden talents, and seek the truth. But sometimes answers are tougher than questions.

Chocolate and French Fries is funny and melancholy at the same time, a reminder of the power of children's imaginations and the fragile balance of family life.
  Written by Martin Lodewijk and drawn by Adri van Kooten, Quark is SAF's first manga series ever.

The story is set in a distant future, in which most of our planet has been destroyed, with Japan resisting the attacks of Biomeks, a fusion of man and robot that have already conquered the rest of the world. Anima, a member of a special police squad fighting against Biomeks, has been chosen for an important mission: she must travel back in time to 1955 to bring Albert Einstein back to the future!


Title: Manhattan Beach, 1957   Title: Sleep Little Girl
It is the year 1976. Forty-year-old cop John Reed is bored stiff with his life and his uneventful career... until one day when a young girl is found dead in a nearby forest. The event triggers John's memories of the summer of 1957, when he met a girl named Daisy and fell in love... and discovered events from her past that would turn to tragedy before his very eyes. John's life, as well as Daisy's, came to an end in that summer of 1957.
  Chris is an autistic girl who has been adopted several times since the death of her real parents... only to have each adopting couple then die mysteriously in their sleep.

Aspiring science-fiction writer Juan learns of the strange case and is immediately interested in preparing a news article. Unaware of the danger to anyone who comes in contact with little Chris, he begins the perilous task of delving into her past.


Title: Bird   Title: Grunge Genetica
A beautiful woman escapes from the asylum where she was locked away by her greedy family. On the run from her brother she reinvents herself by concealing her identity under the name of Bird and drastically changing her image.

Her dramatic look catapults Bird into the world of high fashion and turns her into a world-famous model. But with her face on the covers of magazines, she will not be able to hide for long from the bloodhounds after her.
  Umma is the owner of an agency for artist representation, specialized in scouting and promoting freaks in the world of entertainment. But her business takes a plunge when interplanetary Siba launches a so-called "Make Your Pet" (MYP) kit, which enables any kid to create a biological phenomenon in his own garage. When a reward is offered to anyone who could find the first human clone created with the MYP kit, and could thus prove Siba's diabolical nature, Umma joins in the crusade, seeing in it a way to destroy the competition and save her agency.


Title: Avatar   Title: Quatre Tueurs
Avatar is the title of a series of sci-fi albums that SAF is producing for the world market. The names of its authors are already a guarantee of success: Juan Miguel Aguilera, a very popular Spanish science-fiction writer, is in charge of the scripts, while Rafael Fonteriz, a prominent Spanish author of comics, took on the drawing chores.

The story of the first album, narrates of a series of crimes committed by cybernauts. Manuel Gomez, the deaf-mute head of a computer-crime-fighting police squad, takes on the investigation. In order to find the criminals he even agrees to take part in a dangerous experiment set in virtual reality...

The second album is dealing with crimes caused by a dangerous and manipulative invention of the technology of the future.
  Being a household name in Italy for over 50 years, Tex has become a kind of myth for comic book readers worldwide. No wonder then that the news about Joe Kubert drawing a 224-page Tex album for Bonelli's Tex Giant Album series thrilled comic fans everywhere, especially since the script was written by Claudio Nizzi, who originated many adventures of the brave Texas ranger.


Title: Docteur Mystère   Title: Falka
The series features Martin Mystère's direct ancestor, Docteur Mystère, who lived in the late 19th century. With this series, in which the good Docteur relates of the unbelievable adventures he experienced in the company of a young man named Cygale, Castelli pays homage to the classic 19th century adventure novels. At the same time he creates a parody on some specific genre of that period: urban feuilleton, western stories, Victorian science fiction and jungle adventures.

  SAF's longtime artist Juan Zanotto has completed the third and final part of his mini-series titled Falka and the Fire Springs , while the pages, just like those of the two previous albums, are being coloured by Nestor Pereyra, an Argentinean master of computer colouring.

The series comprises three 64-page colour albums titled »The Devil's Breath,« »The Red Crystal« and »The Big Secret« featuring attractive and fearless Falka in search for the so-called Fire Springs. In order to reach them, she first has to find three different crystals which -- when combined together -- form a complete unit and like a secret key open the way to the mysterious Fire Springs.


Title: The House in Pollack Street   Title: Neferu the Cat
The mysterious house's most recent tenant, an Asian woman, has died under strange circumstances. But as her screenwriter lover and her yakuza brother look into the death, they discover they are not the only ones with an interest in the house, as they cross paths with a cast of characters ranging from a psychologically disturbed gangster to a state agent with a shady past during the course of their investigation. And it is clear that this house on Pollack Street not only yearns for new tenants... it will stop at nothing to get them.

  Carlos Trillo, one of SAF's most prolific authors and a great cat lover, has teamed up with artist Peni to make a completely feline album!

Its protagonist is tomcat Neferu, who is very upset by the fact that his owner fell in love with a dog-owning girl. Neferu has a conspiracy theory of his own: he thinks that his owner's romance is just part of the dogs' master plan to overturn the rule of cats in the world. Together with his furry friends he decides to do everything in his power to prevent that.


Title: Rodrigo   Title: Alex Cunillera
The autumn of 2001 at SAF was also marked by the publication of a new Bois-Maury album by Hermann -- Rodrigo . Its story takes place in Toledo, at the time of social tumults and great political instability that marked the beginning of the 14th century in Spain.

Taking us through bloody battles between Christians and Moslems and unearthing mischievous intrigues in the ranks of the Spanish aristocracy, the story eventually leads us to a startling discovery in the long Bois-Maury lineage.

  SAF is proud to present Alex Cunillera , a new one-page-gag comic series created by two Spanish authors, Xavier Roca (writer) and Alfonso López (artist).

The series, characterized by contemporary humor, portrays a young man named Alex, an aspiring artist, trying to cope with the troubles of living on his own.

Far away from the security of his parents' home, Alex has to deal with different issues of early adulthood, such as dating, finding a decent job and figuring out the world around him in general…


Title: C´est La Vie   Title: El Juego Lugubre
Though it cannot be classified under any of the conventional comic strip genres, Just Like Life tells the story of the greatest adventures of all: falling in love. The protagonists are two teenagers, whose attempts to start a relationship are told in a way which is at the same time sentimental and ironic, and whose efforts to express feelings for one another are thwarted by a variety of secondary characters, ranging from obnoxious family members to femmes fatales with potential for stirring up trouble.

  Lugubrious Game (originally El Juego Lugubre ) is an album by Spanish author Paco Roca, narrating the story of a man named Jonas who travels to Cadaques, a small coastal village in Catalonia, to work for the famous painter Salvador Dalí.

Little by little, Jonas discovers that the locals live in tremendous fear of the eccentric painter and his wife Galatea, and he soon discovers why. Namely, in order to paint his harrowing works of art, Dalí literally dismembers the inhabitants of Cadaques in his cellar and uses them as models for his paintings!


Dylan Dog Title: Dylan Dog

Created by Tiziano Sclavi
  Die Schwarzen Videos Title: Video Noire

Writer: Carlos Trillo
Artist: Eduardo Risso
Dylan Dog, Investigator of Nightmares, was the first title in the series of Italian horror stories. Published since 1986 by Sergio Bonelli, the adventures of Dylan have ranged from traditional horror yarns, with tributes to classical characters (such as Frankenstein’s monster, the Werewolf, Dracula), to the more recent "splatter" film traditions of Dario Argento and George Romero. The series also references the detective genre, surrealism, and all manners of fantastic storylines. Through the years, these references, always delivered with a touch of irony, have allowed Dylan Dog to develop its reputation as a sophisticated horror comedy and helped him win a wide international audience.

Published via SAF in Germany (Carlsen Verlag), France (Hors Collection), Poland (Egmont Polska), Brazil (Conrad Editora), Croatia (Ludens), Turkey (Oglak Publishers) and Yugoslavia (Edicije Vannini), the Dylan Dog albums also appeared in the U.S. (Dark Horse Comics), in Finland (Kustannus oy Jalava) and in Greece (Mamouth Comix).
  Private eye Evan Gelin, is tailing a famous children's show host, when he is visited by a group of her fans at his office. The next day the detective is found bitten to death, his office destroyed. No one has a clue about the motive of the crime or the murderer. Gelin's associate starts an investigation and stumbles over seemingly unsolvable queries: Why the horrible massacre in Gelin's office? Who is behind the gang of terrifying kids that advised him to change his job?

The answers to his questions are locked in this graphic novel of tough narration and breath-taking suspense.

Published in German (Schwarzer Klecks), Dutch (Prestige), Spanish (Imágica Cómics), Portuguese (Mancha Negra) and English (Venture).


Eustaquio Title: Eustaquio Fariñas Duato

Writer: Lorenzo F. Díaz
Artist: Carlos Puerta
  Agent 327 Title: Agent 327 - The Forgotten Bomb

Writer & Artist:
Martin Lodewijk
A series of one-page gags features a hermit named Eustaquio, who has decided to isolate himself from the world and has built himself a La Mancha cabin on the roof of the highest building in the city.

The series relates in a humorous and sometimes absurd way about Eustaquio's way of enjoying the solitude, without having to renounce his vices, such as good food, watching videos, listening to music and reading books.

Published in Greece (Eleftherotypia) and Spain.
  In this 12th episode, Agent 327 is called back from early retirement to save the world from destruction by the terrible neutral bomb, an almost forgotten weapon from the Cold War era. It is up to Agent 327, his curvaceous partner Olga Lawina and a flock of sheep to prevent a catastrophe of global proportions!

Published in Dutch, coming out soon in German (Carlsen Verlag).


Otto Graniet Title: Porfiri

Writer & Artist: Franco Saudelli
  Total Hero Title: Total Hero

Writer: Francisco P. Navarro
Artist: Jordi Sempere
Dylan DogOtto Porfiri, a German private eye and former soccer player, may hate violence but he can be as tough as nails when the occasion requires. He is often hired to solve cases that involve the decadent rich, and in the process he learns some of their best-hidden secrets.

Published in album in Germany (Schwarzer Klecks) and Holland (Prestige), soon coming out in English as well (by Venture).
  A series of one-page gags portrays two helpless parents trying to come to grips with their little boy Lucas and his overwhelming passion for comic book superheroes, such as Superman, Captain America and Batman.

Published in Greece (Eleftherotypia) and Holland (Prestige).


The Darkness Behind Title: The Darkness Behind

Writer & Artist: Stefano Casini
  Jeremiah Title: Jeremiah - Le fusil dans l'eau

Writer & Artist: Hermann
Set in a megalopolis of the future, where every exchange of information is strictly controlled, the so-called mind carriers transport files in their minds to avoid the customs control. Caleb Geko used to be one of the best until he quit years ago, due to the damage such transport can cause to the carrier's brain. Nevertheless, Caleb accepts one last job: to transport cargo for a Mafia clan.

Published in Greece (Eleftherotypia), Italy (Alessandro Editore), Germany (Kult Editionen), France (Semic Privilege), Holland (Prestige), the USA (Venture), and Portugal (Vitamina BD).
  Fleeing from a gang of enraged bikers, Kurdy and Jeremiah find shelter with a rather weird family in the depths of a wetland. When the youngest member of the family reveals to them one of the family secrets -- an army gun and a motorcycle hidden in the murky waters of the swamp -- the two friends realize they got involved in something far more serious than a family quarrel...

Published in French (Dupuis), Italian (Eura Editoriale), Dutch (Prestige), German (Kult Editionen), Danish (Carlsen Comics), Portuguese (Vitamina BD), and Basque (Jean François Sauré).


Lune de guerre Title: Lune de guerre

Writer: Jean van Hamme
Artist: Hermann
  Liens de sang Title: Liens de sang

Writer: Yves H.
Artist: Hermann
At a wedding banquet in a country inn, the bridegroom's father argues with the chef of the inn and wants to leave without paying. The chef flies off the handle and closes the gates to the estate, trapping the wedding party, along with the other guests and the staff of the inn inside. As the night falls, a full moon rises, which makes most of the guests go completely insane and turn the inn into a bloody battlefield.

Published in French (Semic Privilege), Dutch (Prestige), German (Kult Editionen), Danish (Carlsen Comics), Portuguese (BaleiAzul), and Italian (Eura Editiorale; Alessandro Editore).
  While investigating a series of crimes, detective Sam Leighton discovers the squalid reality of the big city. The murders are the work of Joe Beaumont a man as powerful as he is paranoid who only appears in public to attend the shows of his beautiful wife Gladys, an alcoholic and a frustrated cabaret dancer.

Sam’s mysterious partner, Philip Meadows, puts Gladys in Sam's way, hoping that she will lead them both to Beaumont -- regardless of the danger to Sam!

Published in Holland (Prestige), Germany (Kult Editionen), France (Semic Privilege), Italy (Eura Editoriale), Denmark (Carlsen Comics), Portugal (Vitamina BD), and the USA (Venture).


Overearth Title: Overearth

Writers & Artists: M. Patrito & M. Maltoni
  No Man's Land Title: No Man's Land

Writer: Lorenzo F. Díaz
Artist: Carlos Puerta
A sci-fi story about an alien fleet coming to Earth to put a stop to a terrible war that has been decimating the human population for decades.

Published in France (Semic Privilege), Germany (Kult Editionen), Italy (Alessandro Editore), Holland (Prestige), and Greece (Eleftherotypia).
  A collection of short stories tackling political and social issues of a 1920's America, as seen through the eyes of WWI pilot William Hoch.

Published in Dutch (Prestige), French (Semic Privilege), German (Kult Editionen), and Spanish (Semana Negra).


Time Hunters Title: Time Hunters

Writer & Artist: Juan Zanotto
The scientists of a galactic confederation make an amazing discovery about the human brain. They locate the so-called neuro-T that stimulates the nervous system of the human body. If removed and injected in another subject, the neuro-T enables a human to carry out twice as many activities as a normal person in a given period of time.

Consequently, time in the confederation becomes the supreme commercial good and this encourages gangs of time hunters to travel around peripheral planets, steal time from primitive cultures and thus destroy entire civilizations.